BioWare works with a host of awesome companies who are dedicated to making great products for our fans including collectibles, apparel, books, comics and more. To learn more about these partners and products, see below.

  • BlackMilk Clothing

    BlackMilk Clothing was established in 2009 to achieve world domination via printed nylon. They have a humanitarian business model and a worldwide community of unbelievably fierce, stylish ladies. Check out their Mass Effect dresses, leggings, and swimsuits.

  • Cook & Becker

    Cook & Becker exclusively deals in artworks and original digital art prints of museum-grade quality, working with the artists to create beautiful and valuable works aimed at the serious collector. Check out their Mass Effect collection .

  • Dark Horse

    Founded in 1986 by Mike Richardson, Dark Horse Comics has proven that integrity and innovation can propel a small, homegrown company into an industry giant. Dark Horse Comics is the largest independent comic book publisher in the US and is recognized as one of the world’s leading publishers of both creator-owned content and licensed comics material. Check out their collection of BioWare comics and collectibles.

  • Diamond Select Toys

    Diamond Select Toys and Collectibles is known for their diverse range of products and their broad roster of entertainment properties. When developing their products, which include everything from 2-inch Minimates to 7-inch action figures to 19-inch electronic vehicles, DST has always partnered with the finest artists and design studios to produce the highest-quality collectibles.

  • Funko

    Founded in 1998, Funko licenses and produces a wide variety of pop culture toys from the original Wacky Wobbler line to licensing vinyl, plush, and action figures as well as 3D bookmarks and various electronic devices from a multitude of popular properties. Funko's products have worldwide distribution and have sold millions of units. Check out their Mass Effect collection under "Pop Vinyl" at

  • Great Eastern Entertainment

    Great Eastern Entertainment is one of the leading makers of Anime and Video Game merchandise in the United States. We create products such as bags, keychains, wallets, cellphone charms, iPhone cases, T-shirts, wall scrolls, wrist bands, file folders, clocks, watches, notebooks, stationery, and many other items.

  • Green Ronin

    Green Ronin has been publishing tabletop roleplaying games since 2000. In that time, the company has won over 40 awards for excellence and took home the coveted ENnie Award for Best Publisher an unprecedented three years running. Green Ronin's Dragon Age RPG was featured on Wil Wheaton’s TableTop show in 2013.

  • Kotobukiya

    With over 60 years invested in product development, Kotobukiya is a leading manufacturer of licensed collectible merchandise. With a catalog of properties, including Mass Effect 3's Shepard and Liara, consumers can expect only the highest levels of craftsmanship and innovation with each release.

  • Threezero

    Founded by ThreeA co-owner Kim Fung Wong, ThreeZero is one of the original producers of the Hong Kong designer figure style best known for their gasmask logo. Designers whose figures have been produced by Threezero include Michael Lau, Jason Siu, and Elphonso Lam. Threezero began producing 12" figures special forces uniforms around 2000. They were then the pioneer in producing weapons for these figures made from die cast. Threezero has since extended their toy ranges from 12" figures to designer vinyl collectibles.

  • Tor

    Tor Books, an imprint of Tom Doherty Associates, LLC, is a New York-based publisher of hardcover and softcover books that was founded in 1980. Between an extensive hardcover and paperback line and a middle grade and YA list, Tor publishes a large and diverse line of SF and fantasy novels, including stories from Dragon Age. In 2012, Tor became the first of the Big Six publishers to allow their eBooks to go DRM-free. Books from Tor have won every major award in the science fiction and fantasy fields and, for the last 26 years, Tor has been named Best Publisher in the Locus Poll.

  • Treehouse

    Treehouse works directly with game companies to engage their fans in creative ways. They focus on creating official gear that is nuanced, thoughtful, and of exceptional quality, while also stocking the rest of a company's licensed products in one convenient online storefront where hardcore fans can get their fix.

  • TriForce

    TriForce Sales, LLC based in New York, NY, is a high-end creator of officially licensed 1:1 scale replicas. TriForce uses state-of-the-art process, equipment, materials, and techniques to create the most realistic products available on the market today. Check out Mass Effect's Geth Pulse Rifle and M-6 Carnifex.

  • USAopoly

    USAopoly began in Carlsbad, CA with a great idea for a hometown spin on the classic Monopoly game: the San Diego edition! Nineteen years later, USAopoly continues to mash up classic family games with pop culture, such as Risk: Mass Effect Edition, and is a leading manufacturer of original games like Telestrations, Tapple, CrossWays, and Ratuki. To learn more go to