BioWare Montreal was built from the ground up to be a standalone studio.

Formed in 2009, BioWare Montreal went through a carefully managed growth process that allowed us to develop the unique culture that BioWare is known for. The first steps of this plan have been to partner closely with our Edmonton studio in developing Mass Effect, one of the industries most beloved and acclaimed franchises. The BioWare Montreal team crossed a major milestone when we announced that the creation of the next Mass Effect game will happen here, and we are very much looking forward to delivering a worthy and successful addition to the world-class franchise!

BioWare's Montreal studio is located in the heart of downtown, making it fast and easy to get to work by bus, metro, or bicycle. The city boasts some of the biggest festivals in Canada year round and is the cultural hub of Quebec. A variety of outdoor activities are also available to you—skiing, mountain biking, boating, hiking—and you can do it all in and around Montreal! The quality of the nightlife and food in this amazing city also goes without saying.

In the office, there is a staff library full of games, books, and movies. Every morning, a free breakfast is served, and when we're not making games, there are plenty of opportunities to play them.

Photos courtesy of Alan Hildebrandt.

"When I joined BioWare back in 2006, it allowed me to see the other side of a company I loved from the outside as a fan. The first thing that hit me was how much everybody at BioWare truly was dedicated to our values of quality, humility, integrity, and respect in their pursuit of making the best possible games for our fans. When I was asked to build a new studio in Montreal in 2009, I made sure we replicated this dedication to our values. They are what make us a true BioWare studio."Yanick Roy, Studio Director - BioWare Montreal
The City

Montreal is the second-largest city in Canada and has strong European influences, top notch cuisine, and a vibrant nightlife.

Montreal is a lively metropolis known for its great food, walkable neighborhoods, and unique Canadian-European feel. The New York Times placed it alongside Shanghai, Berlin, and Barcelona as a top-10 hip city, saying "its hearty French and North American mix... has a real soul thanks to low living costs and long winter evenings. And it is no slouch when it comes to good food, hip culture, well-appointed museums, and efficient transportation."

To live in Montreal is to immerse yourself in history and art through 38 museums and over 100 art galleries. Montreal's jazz and fireworks festivals are the biggest of their kind in the word, and the city boasts the second highest number of restaurants per capita in North America. Fill your brain, fill your belly, and then run, bike, ski, or snowshoe it off in Parc du Mont-Royal.

Fun Facts About Montreal:

  • Montreal is the second largest city in Canada (1.65 million in Montreal proper, 3.8 million in Greater Montreal)
  • Montreal is an island situated in the middle of the St. Lawrence River
  • Montreal is named after Mont-Royal, the mountain park in the middle of the city designed by Frederick Law Olmsted of NYC's Central Park
  • Montreal is a UNESCO city of design
  • Montreal is home to world class sports franchises and events like the NHL's Canadiens, the MLS's Impact, the Formula 1 Grand Prix, and the Rogers Cup ATP tournament
  • Montreal's La Ronde Amusement Park is the world record holder for highest double-tracked roller coaster in the world
  • Montreal is home to the world famous Cirque du Soleil
  • Ride 350 km of bike paths in Montreal. Come winter, ski 200 km of cross country trails
  • Every Sunday, check out the drumming circle known as tam-tams and the massive LARP battle on the mountain
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