Dark Cave, Deep Love

A Tale of Nug Meets Nug

Embark on a bold new adventure in never-before-seen parts of Thedas. As the new nug in Nugtown, it's your time to make friends, find love, and avoid getting eaten.

Explore vast fields and deep caves in a world where the promise of adventure lies around every corner, as does sudden, inexplicable death.

Dress up, head out, and stay in the shadows as you go looking for love in all the nug places.

Lonely nug

Be Your Own Nug

Nugward Gameplay

A new town means new opportunities for a nug looking to make their mark. Forge alliances, build a burrow, and nug the nug out. Go from a nobody nug to the big nug on the block. Danger is everywhere, but so is fun

Meet more than 472 unique nugs, each with their own style and personality.

Form deep, lasting bonds with a rich and flavorful cast. Learn the tenderness of love in breathtaking scenes of nug passion… and then experience the capriciousness of life as your companions are wiped out with little to no explanation by the cruelty of nature.

Then do it all over again in Nug Game Plus!

Nancy Gameplay

With more than one trillion possible combinations, Nug Elope is our most customizable game to date. Change everything from your hairstyle to the toenail length on your creepy, creepy hands to achieve the highest possible taste rating.

Scroll through thousands of hours of text-based conversations rendered in striking detail by Frostbite 3. Make your choices and live with the consequences, in a lovingly crafted world full of political intrigue and lingering doom.

Learn to love, and lose, and love again on your journey to Nug Elope.

Meet Hundreds of Nugs

Character Nadine

Soft, supple, and bursting with personality. Hard not to like, even though she doesn't really round out your party.

Character Nugward

Born in darkness, raised in shadow, a bittersweet wandering bard. Most of his friends are dead, but then that's true of all nugs.

Character Nancy

As smart as she is sapid, Nancy is the premiere scholar on nug predation. Her tireless work has prevented countless scarfings but left her little time to find a nug of her own.

Character Nog

The leading nugball halfrack for the Nugtown Nugs. His tough exterior hides the softer side of a nug who just needs to be held sometimes.

Critical Reviews

A rare gem. I never thought I would find myself so emotionally invested in the lives of little pink, furless bunnies, but BioWare has really outdone themselves.

The deep dialogue and excellent sound design really brings the nugs to life. From gentle squeaks to breathless sniffles, Nug Elope delivers a raw, unbridled, fiery passion that, quite frankly, makes me a little uncomfortable.

Is it wrong to like this game this much? That's a question I will never stop asking myself.


A true coming-of-age for the Dragon Age franchise, Nug Elope makes players challenge everything they have done to date. I've lost count of the number of times I was frolicking happily in a field with my betrothed when a marauding band of adventurers happened upon us and unleashed hell.

You learn quickly to hide in the shadows and the tall grass lest you here the snap of chain, the clash of steel, and the warrior's cry of 'GOODBYE!'

With 1,000 hours under my belt and still no end in sight, Nug Elope has taught me to question the cost of all of those nug pelts I collected in Inquisition.

Those nugs were my friends. They were my friends.


I don't understand what BioWare was thinking. This is taking the cart off the rails, lighting it on fire, and smashing it into a mountain of garbage.

I have yet to get out of the starting area without being eaten by deepstalkers. WHAT THE HELL?!?

This game was designed by a sadist. The combats are completely unwinnable, which makes me wonder why they make you go through it every time. And, while I've heard the game is full of deep character conversations, I have yet to encounter any of it because I can't seem to get out of this damn field.

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